Horrabridge Parish Council

Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

27 November 2018

                                    Financial Status                                      


                                January'18        31st. May '18

Funds                           £'s                         £,s

Capital Projects     100047.00            87295.38

Xmas  Lights                315.06                135.06

General                     30012.21            37647.08


£87295.38 is for capital projects, balance of monies resulting from the sale of Walkham Meadows.

This money can not be spent on every day council expenses nor to reduce precept. 



Accounts summary 2016/7

Opening balance 01/04/16   £10,601.87 

Income                                £161,782.33

Expenditure                          £52,086.73

Bank Account 31/03/17     £120,855.74

Bank balance does not INCLUDE uncashed checks. Figures are subject to an external audit.