HORRABRIDGE PARISH COUNCIL List of Committees/Representatives duly returned at the meeting on 9 May 2017.

Finance and General Administration

Chairman -  Eric Hemsil, vice Chairman = Fiona Peart

Committee Members - Paul Beard, & Tracy Lear

Open Spaces and Properties

Chairman - Paul Beard, Vice Chairman - Andy Moorhead

Committee Members - Steve Roche 


Chairman - Steve Roche, Vice Chairman - Christine Edmondson

Committee Members - Paul Beard, Tracy Lear


Chairman - Andy Moorhead,  Vice Chairman

Committee Members -  Paul Beard, Steve Roche

Please note:All Councillors are encouraged to attend any committees regardless of whether they are on the Committee or not.

List of Council's Representatives

TAP Funding

Steve Roche

IT & Website

Eric Hemsil -Shane Honey

Standing Orders

Eric Hemsil & Shane Honey

Horrabridge Recreation Field Trust

Dartmoor National Park Community Forum

Tracy Lear

Youth Club

Mike Huda


Andy Moorhead

Church Clock

Steve Roche

Management Committee - Community Hall

Andy Moorhead